Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

How to Submit an Event Request

  1. Click "Request" on the menu.
  2. If the new event is to be based on an existing event, click on the checkbox "Use an existing event".
    • If you checked the existing event checkbox, you will see a grid of events top 100 that you have created in the past. If you click on "select", all the fields will be populated based on the selected event (except the attachments and featured images (for admins and reviewers))
  3. Enter a title for your event in the Title box.
    • This field is required.
    • Length of the title must not exceed 100 characters
  4. Enter a description for your event
    • You can use the formatting tools to help you display the description in a format that you like.
    • You can make words appear in bold, italics as well create lists which are numbered as well as simply bulleted.
    • You can also add links at this point using the link icon icon on the editor.
    • On clicking the icon you will see the following pop-up. Please enter the url to which you would like to create a link in this box link icon2
    • You can also enter email addresses using this
    • This field is required.
    • Length of the description must not exceed 5000 characters
  5. Enter the Start date and time and End date and time for when the event is occurring.
    • You can choose the date by clicking on Calendar Icon icon.
    • Once you click on it a calendar will popup.
    • You can choose the time by clicking on the timer icon inside the calendar
    • This field is required.
  6. Enter a location For e.g. ACB 200 building. This field is optional.
  7. Enter a contact email.
    • This person will be notified whether the event is approved or denied.
    • The email can be ttu or ttuhsc email address.
    • This field is required.
  8. Enter a fee in the currency format For e.g. 25.00. This field is optional.
  9. You can attach files here by clicking on the icon choose file icon
    • You can add several attachments by clicking on add attachment icon
    • Please make sure to attach only pdf files.
    • This field is optional.
  10. Please select the intended audience for your events
    • Check if the event is going to be targeted towards Public (available to everyone), Staff (employees of HSC), Faculty (faculty of HSC) or students of HSC.
    • You can select one or many.
    • Staff, faculty and Public events will be approved by “Office of communications and marketing” while student events will be approved by “Student Life”.
    • This field is required.
  11. Please select a tag to associate with the event.
    • This can be the location of the event, the campus etc.
    • This helps in easier search and filtering for the audience.
    • This field is required.
  12. Click submit button
  13. You will receive an email confirmation after you have submitted
  14. Your event request will be reviewed and you will receive a notification to your email whether it has been approved or denied.